Saturday, December 19, 2009

Crows 0.1 : The Rise Of Tamao Serizawa

ni adelah cite Crows Zero versi khurafat nye...aku citekan scare kasar..cite ni mngupas mcmmane Tokio mmula dtg kat Suzuran n brkawan ngan Serizawa mase 2nd grade dan di mane kdudukan Genji mase ni.Tokio yg tlah ditukarkan ke Suzuran sdaya upaya cube mnaikkan name Genji yg pd mase itu tade pown kat ctu...Drpd cni jugaklah Serizawa Army trcipta,dan dr cni gaklah Serizawa mula mncipta nama sndiri...shingga hari di mana Genji Takiya dtg....

“(Genji fought his best at the first battle with the oppositing army but when he was not aware,one opponent tried to kill him using his knife.Tokio realized that kill the man.That act transferred him to Suzuran.)Takiya!!!!!!!!”

“I fought my way up to become the leader of Kiruma High,and he is the one who ended up in Suzuran?” – Genji Takiya

"Why can't I be at Suzuran?" "You are a real leader in Kiruma High but Kiruma High is far from being the most vicious school in Japan.Kiruma High is one top school at Hokkaido.But make it clear Genji,nobody cares what happen in Hokkaido.In order to enroll in Suzuran,you have to do something real great that will catch the attention of the entire nation"

"I heard your friend,Tokio got transferred to Suzuran.Is that right?" "Yes." "Ahaha..seems like he will make it bigger than you,son." "Shut up!"

“Take care there,brother.” “Don’t worry,Genji.I’ll raise your name at Suzuran.When I reach there,I will gather our new army and prepare for the day you will come and take over Suzuran.You have my words.When you come,everything will be so simple.Believe me.” “Very well,then.Hold on to your words.You know what I do to guys who lie to me,right?” “Got it,Genji.”

Serizawa is a new student at Suzuran,he is a 2nd grader and he doesn’t even want to fight.He killed some Yakuza big-timer which earns him the place in Suzuran.He tries to settle down from fighting at Suzuran.The atmosphere of Suzuran makes him cautious.Until the day Tokio came and beat the 3rd grades,Serizawa joins Tokio and believes the most about the story of Genji Takiya.

“I am Tokio Tatsukawa!I am the army of Genji Takiya!Genji Takiya will soon come to Suzuran High to take over this place!I am recruiting people in order to take part in Genji’s Suzuran High domination!For those who are interested,fell free to meet me.For others,just wait!”

“Hey,is it true about that Genji guy you were bragging about taking over the school?” “Yes,it is true.” “So,he shall give me protection if I join?” “Exactly,but can you fight?” “Yes,I can.Eventhough I’m not interested in taking over the school,I figure out that I should be under someone in order to survive in this place” “Very well then,welcome to Genji’s Army.”

“(Serizawa and Tokio expands the team by only the two of them.Serizawa and Tokio fights other students and recruit them)”

“Who is this Takiya guy?” “He is the master of Kiruma High.He conquered the school and the seniors.He is the true face of a gangster.He will come here someday.We got to make preparations until that day come.” “Thank God,at last I will survive being in this school being with the person who will takeover this school.”

“Tamao Serizawa...” “Who’s that?” “I’m Sho Kawanishi...and you Serizawa,you are really something” “Doing everything I can to survive...until my boss comes.” “Serizawa,in Suzuran,there are two things you should do.First,you must survive this place and when you have survive this place,you gotta earn the place.Join my army,Serizawa.This is my final year,help me get Suzuran,and I’ll give my junior army to you next year,when your time comes to take over Suzuran.” “I am employed.” “By whom?As far as I can tell,you don’t even know who is your boss,right?” “I only know that eventhough how tough I can be,Genji Takiya will always succeed me,he will defeat everyone,take over Suzuran and give us a better life.” “Why don’t you conquer Suzuran High,Serizawa?” “I’m not interested.” “Huh,you have the muscles but you don’t have the passion.If you join my army,I’ll show you the real life of being a Suzuran.Help me defeat Mishima Togakai and his army,and we will rule Suzuran together.(walk away then look back)Just to keep you enthuastic,you are one of only few 2nd year that I invite,among every student who dreams of joining me”

“Tokio,Murasaki of the 3rd year is beating our boys.He is taunting Genji!You gotta call him!Genji must make things right,now!” “He will come,but you gotta give him some time.” “What time!How much longer will we wait!Is he waiting for a dramatic entrance?Maybe when everybody died and he ended up here alone,maybe that will be such a dramatic one.”

(at some point,when Serizawa beats other students to recruit them into Genji's army,everybody keeps giving credits to Genji and not Serizawa) "This Genji guy is really something" Genji Takiya,we will wait for you,master." (This envies Serizawa so much as he is the one who is doing all the things for Genji in Suzuran)

“We fight,we shattered blood,we take punches,we knock people down,for whom?For whom,Tokio?I’m risking my life for someone I don’t even know.Someone whom I’m not even aware of his existence.Tell me,Tokio,is there even a man named Genji Takiya?” “Believe me,Tamao,he is somewhere and he is powerful.He’ll take control of Suzuran High and all of us who work under him will gain benefit.” “It looks like he is the one gaining benefit over us.(walk away)”

(Serizawa sits alone at the rooftop,he remembers Tokio's story about Genji and he remembers how everyone he beat in Suzuran are looking up for Genji and not him)“Who are you,Genji Takiya?” (Tamao Serizawa)

“(after beating the enemy who beat Serizawa’s kid,Serizawa went on a rampage and defeated 10 men alone.)Tt...Takiya must be so lucky to have you on his side....I...I would love to see him in action,and witness him taking over Suzuran with this kind of army..” “Takiya does not exist....(walk then stop)And he doesn’t own me anymore.”

“This is the birth of the Serizawa Army!!!!!!!!”

“(Serizawa joined Kawanishi after he the “Takiya does not exist”.Serizawa and his 2nd grade joined Kawanishi.Tokio did not join yet while Tokaji and comrades are from Kawanishi side)Serizawa!!Welcome,brother.” “(hold Kawanishi’s collar)Tell me right through my eyes that I will get your army when you graduate next year!” “Yeah!That’s the spirit.Serizawa,you do look like a Suzuran now.I promise you,I will inherit Suzuran to you when you are a senior.” “I don’t need that,I’ll win it.Just give me the army next year.” “Fair then.”

“Join me,Tokio.Let us forget all this fictional character and start living in the reality.Because the reality has no time for any heroic story,the reality in Suzuran needs the proof,and we shall combine our fist to prove it.” “Genji will come!We gotta trust him!” “Genji will not come.You wanna know why?He doesn’t exist.” “He will come and take it all!If we choose to retreat from his team now,we will be making a wrong decision!We will end up facing Genji!” “Let it be,then.I’m longing to see how powerful is this brat.”

“Tokaji.” “Yes,Serizawa?” “Suzuran has never been conquered,right?” “Yeah.” “Why is that?” “Because just when you thought that you have defeated them all,there will always be another person left.” “So,Kawanishi is trying to make into the record book?” “Yup,he is.” “Is it a good thing if he becomes the first?” “Yeah.Very good thing.He will rise fast in the underworld,maybe will be promoted into one of the highest rank in the Yakuza.And the most important,he will be known as the only one who put the entire Suzuran under his hand.(Tokaji moves away)

“(Serizawa fights all out in the battle with Togakai army.Serizawa fights more than Kawanishi who just orders Serizawa to fight.Then,Serizawa was half dead and the only person standing is Serizawa and Togakai.)Serizawa!!!Beat him!!!” “(Serizawa returns back to Kawanishi)I’ve set things up.Show us that you can lead us.” “(Togakai)Kid!!!!!You are good” (Serizawa raises hand) “Because of Kawanishi is more fit than Togakai since Togakai also involved in the final battle,Kawanishi won but half dead as well)

“(when Kawanishi has defeated Togakai,Kawanishi is half dead,so do his third year comrades.)Kawanishi!!!!” “(all the 2nd year students stand by Serizawa)Like we have always been told,nobody ever conquered Suzuran as there is always another man to fight.This time,let the 2nd year makes even bigger history.And Kawanishi,there’s no such thing as a fair fight.Go!!!!!!” (Kawanishi half dead)

(The film has two final battles.The 1st one is at Suzuran,a battle which will determine who control Suzuran while the 2nd one is at Kiruma High,a battle that will lead to Genji's goriest victory which results in his enrollment in Suzuran High.)

(After the 2nd year beat Kawanishi,the next day,all 2nd year came to the top roof with patches and stitches,Serizawa climbed the stairs with a broken hand and sprayed his name under the graffiti, “King Of Suzuran”.The film ends.After the credit,Takiya is seen erasing Serizawa’s name just like the first film.)

nape aku wat cite ni???ini adelah slh satu proses mogok aku dkat Farid yg msih xmmberikan aku cite Crows Zero 2..sangap bodo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!kaw da aa xbg aku tgk CZ2,pstu kaw kate cite aku xlogik sbb cite aku xbrkaitan dgn CZ2...mcmmane aku nk kait klu aku blom tgk!!!!!!!!!!!!!aaaaaa!!!!!!!!cite ni aku wat main2 je,bkn nk bingungkan pale otak korg ataw nk mlawan otak director die Takashi Miike,lom trcapai lgi akal aku ntuk lawan style pngarah die..haha..


Farid Serizawa said...

aku ske care ko wat.. mksud aku ko nye english, sgt kool.. tpi cite ko kurafat gile!!!!

*kpd para pmbace, ni rekaan smate2.. kurafat gile..


Ni cite zaman Jahiliah farid.. biar die ngarut ssorg.. best za best..!!

wanda said...

sape la director wat cite ni...

Anonymous said...

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