Saturday, January 30, 2010


OORRRIIIAAAA!!!!! x pon, gitar ARIA farid!!! hha,ape aa aku. ok aa,lets get straight away. aku nk cite skit ape yg jd td. and of course aa ade kne mngene dgn CROWS ZERO! td tghari, aku ade g knduri,knduri kawen. kt mne tah,gombak kot. pape aa. mse aku kluar dr kete nk msuk dewan knduri tu, ade satu flat kt dpn dewan tu. ade skumplan rmaje umo baye2 cm kite,bleh dikatakan diorg ni geng2 rempit gak lepak kt bwh flat tu. ok disitu,diorg smbg2 aa,gelak2 aa, ape tah diorg cite. then,ttibe aku dgr ".....ha SERIZAWA lak an. hhaahahahaha...!"(ye kot,lbih kurg cmtu aa) aku trdetik kjap,"serizawa??diorg cite pe ttibe serizawa??" aku dgr jelas part tu sbb time die mention "serizawa" tu mmg agak kuat dn lantang aa,dgn gelakannye skali. uish,dasat gak pngaruh Crows Zero ni. dn kmudiannye mse aku nk blk msuk kete,klihatn jge skmpulan remaja tp ni besar skit dn mmg mke rempit turun dr flat td. mse diorg turun tu,sgale prkataan mncarut dikluarkn dr stiap mulut rmaje2 trbabit dn smstinye brklakuan x snonoh diorg ktike itu. ha,lg 1 rmbut diorg mmg suzuran aa, style ganas pnye,kale karat,ade gak dye rmbut wrne putih. cm hape tah aku tgk,ni bkn suzuran,ni samseng sesat dr mne tah. dn akhir skali,aku nmpk slh sorg drpd samseng td tu kejar lori putih,tp bkn lori tilam yg aza kjar mse tu,care die kjar tu srupe aa cm aza. hha,lol. so, aku nk simpulkan ayat ni. Konklusinye, pngaruh Crows Zero di Malaysia kbanyakannye trsebar luas dalam kalangan rempit. tp wtak yg diorg war2kan sgt pon serizawa je,genji xde lak. genji lg kool pe,kan2? GENJEKK!!!TOBEK!!!!! Serizawa???

Monday, January 25, 2010

Free Online Photo Editors

Free Online Photo Editors

Just want to put some LOL on your day...

- akmal

Sunday, January 24, 2010

cadangan blog. must read.

Salam, aku nak suggest kite buat Post Of The Year/Post Of The Month kat blog kite ni. Atau, mungkin buat anugerah lain2 contoh ; Most Controversial Post, Funniest Post, Most Commented Post, Lamest Post. so, ape korang rase? tp kalau rase bende ni menyusahkan tak buat pon takpe. haha. -akmal.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Allah Bless.

When was the last time u guys had really much fun and excitement and craziness with ur friends?
When was the last time u guys know that Allah just blessed u guys?

Friday, 22nd of january 2010.

After solat jumaat, i just want to crash down on my bed and take a nap for a while. Eventhough i was so tired, but i just cant close my eyes bcoz of the excitement and the passion for me to play football in the evening with my friends. So i just wait until 5.30 while enjoying DAIM chocolates and a bar of cadburry chocolate. Dude.. i ate too much chocolate that my tounge can no longer sense anything but sweet taste but i'm still not gonna gain any weight(lol).
All the chocolates just make me became crazy and hyperactive, moreover, i'm now even more excited to play football and the adrenalin just keep pumping. dude, when i turn on the TV and the channel was TV3. It was Al-Kuliyyah session(siaran lansung), the ceramah from the Al-kuliyyah makes me calm down and sit back like a good kid waiting for a treat.
Finally! it was 5.20. i ran up to my room and perform my solat asar. I took a quick view of the weather from my room and... it was bright! Alhamdulillah for the nice weather.. without wasting anytime(maybe a few sec) i rush to get my boots and ride my old rusty 6years old bicycle to the football field that i used to play sinced i was 6 years old. That field had given me so much experiences in painfull and glorious memories of playing football sinced i cant reach the goal post until i'm able to reach and kick it. To see the field had changed so much from greeny field to botak sandy field, but the condition of the field still doesn't effect my passion to play football. ok, enough story of the field..
As i reached the field, i can see all my friends were in good mood and ready to go into the pitch. Ahh.. it is so wonderful.. Suddenly, the unexpected happen(OMG). The weather had changed from bright sun shiny day(lagu tadika) to cloudy and soon-to-be rain weather. The wind blew about 10km/h and masyaAllah.. the weather was changing so quickly to a bad soon-to-be-rain weather just like my heart.. i began to lose my spirit and excitement to play that day eventhough i love rain very much.. but.. the lighthing gave me goosebumps. The hope..the passion.. had been blew away by the wind-soon-to-be-storm.
I was about to packed my stuff to go back home, but one of my friends came to me and persuaded me to play even the weather is bad. After a quick think, i decided that i will and i can play football eventhough with that kind of weather. All the rain remind me that raining is one of Allah biggest bless.. so.. my mood, my passion!, my excitement!!, my adrenalin!!! came back as i wore my black coloured AdiNova boots(impossible is nothing). DUDE! i felt like i just killed the zionists and the jews!!
WOOO!!! and the match started. i cant expressed my feeling back football will somehow let the caged bird fly out.. The match had become so hot and tough for us, this is becouse it is started to rain and the wind blew up even faster. Then, the lighthing strikes! as expected.. storm. the rain.. and the wind was like sending us a message to go home. No we wont! we wont go home. I'm so touched and happy bcoz most of my friends still have the spirit to go on with the match. DAMN! we are so intensed to play footbal! from tiny drops of rain to raining cats and dogs. but yet, we still play football like a fighting scene in Crow Zero GPS vs Serizawa Faction.
This is the best part, we started to play like crazy footballers! fiedzril was the one who started to open his shirt.. well.. u know what happen next right? most of us opened out it was like a half-naked-wild-football-party in the evening (^_^) . our boots and our whole body and attire are 101% wet! kinda hard to move with wet attire.. eventhought i was kinda crazy that time, but i manage to score a goal! :D wuuuhuu! which had satisfied my desire! Then, something really maniac coming through my head. i remembered the scene when GPS vs Serizawa Faction.. all the kyoko-rin, genji!!, serizawa!!, fly!! just flashed through my head.. the CZ adrenalin pump into my body.. i can feel it flow through my vein~ as soon that things happened, i scream SERIZAWA!! RRRRRAAAA!!! (crow zero style) in the middle of the field.. dude! i just triggered the CZ craziness! all of the sudden, all my friends become suzuran students as we screamed RRRRRRAAAA!! and talk in japanese like we really knew it before(LOL). MAN! i started to run genji-style and play football like genji fighthing-style(LOL again).
When i got the ball at my feet, my friends shouted SERIZAWAA!!! at me.. huhu!! i felt like i'm in the real CZ fights! moreover! rain and the lighthing keep shaking the ground! RRAAAA!!! for the first time in my life.. i felt so alive.. so.. soo high. something i counld't describe. it was something good. Well, most of the time we were shouting CZ style at each others, we did something back there. some good memories of CZ to keep. :) "I HAD PLAYED MY FAVOURITE SPORT IN THE BEST SITUATION EVER"
As we all human know, everything must come to an end. finally, it was time to go home before maghrib. Before i went back home, i sat at a bench in the rain alone and think. At first, i was thinking about the weather that Allah gave to us. Eventhough at first i was pretty upset about the weather changing, but the most important thing is: We must be patience, grateful and accept all Allah fate. I'm so grateful that i accept Allah fate that evening and played football eventhough it was raining. Allah had bless(rain) that very evening and that bless had given me one of the best things that happened in my life! ALHAMDULILLAH! thank you Allah.. (^_^)
p/s: sorry for my bad english. just want to test my grammar. pls correct my error! thx for reading! ^_^ RRRRAAAA!!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

tribute to the greatest sister in the world...

shahida nafishah bte. jamaludin...
bdak2 dlm blog ni mgkin knal hamba ALLAH ini sbg org yg brtggungjwb mnjaga kbajikan aku di umah,snduk kan nasik aku,jage makan minum aku,antara org yg pling risau klu aku blik umah lmbt(sbb takot tade org nk amik aku),org yg orderkan domino pizza ntuk korg(n org yg mndapatkan korg breadstick free),org yg brtggungjwb mnemani abg ipar aku mghantar korg gi mines n jj,org yg pling bising klu korg ade kat dlm keta aku,org yg slalu kate "aza slalu cite sal akak x?",dan org yg prtama yg akn dijumpai gf aku(skirenye aku ade...amatlah pnting ntuk mndapat kbenaran bliau)

the award winner...for the greatest sister in the world...
mgkin korg akn kate aku exaggerative,tp aku rase korg pown tawu btape aku slalu mlebey2 psl famili aku...arini..tpat kol 12,genaplah umo bliau 26 taon..stahun lgi tua dr miki(nk gak..haha..)

kpd akaque gue(name bliau dlm nset aku)
diz may seem like a copy/paste bday message,but u r truly the most amazing sister anyone like ME can ever of the main reasons why God is so great is when God gave u to me...may diz 26th bday be another wonderful year for u as a great sister,great wife,and a great mother....suda2..mari kite brcakap mlayu!!!oii akak!!!hahah..epi bday sis!!!luv u so much..akak mmg trbaekk...kite brsame smpai bile2!!!pegi keje bia mrl jage aiman...wohohoho...ntuk bday taon ini..mrl adiahkan akak adik yg pling dasat dlm dunia ini..hohoho


adik mu..
milul icam

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Si Janggut Satu..


Assalamualaikum.. weh.. ari ni ari yang sedey bg aku dowh!! Janggut putus.. kat makmal bio td.. aku boring2.. so pegang aa si janggut satu aku.. pastu putus.. WOAH!! betapa sedeynye.. dah lama aku simpan janggut tu.. bkn senang oh.. jaggut tu lah yang menjadi teman aku klu aku boring.. biasenye klu aku boring.. aku akan pegang janggut aku.. so.. skrg xde bende yang aku boley pegang klu boring.. Hari bersejarah 12 Jan 2010.. sume spartans ingat tarikh ni sampia bile2!! korg boley aa.. xde janggut!! wassalam :(

Monday, January 11, 2010

Aku nak jadi gemokk!

Woah! Aku AMIRULASYRAF... HOHOHOHOHOHOHO.. aku en.. actly.. aku nak badan aku berisi sikit sepanjang cuti hari tu.. bile aku mkan bbyk pun xnaik.. bile mkn je xnaik.. aku pun pelik.. mayb sebab aku gi jog kot.. n byk buang air bosa kot.. sampai skrg aku xberisi.. actly.. aku nak ade badan yang berisi.. supaya aku sepadan ngan kawan aku sorg ni.. die comel sgt.. aku sukesuke!! nama die aku xyah bgthu aa.. sbb korg dah ape nak buat.. aku hanya dapat jd keding..bkan ape.. kalau aku xjogging n dah gemok time schl menengah.. x ade la chance aku nak kalahkan kavandap dlm marathon.. mungkin.. afta hbis spm.. aku akan cube balik operasi menaikkan berat badan.. aku arap.. korg dapat terima aku seadanya bile aku dah gemok nti.. sekrang.. aku xkesah.. genji x genji.. aku akan wujudkan character Genji yang gemokk! wakaka.

cool =.=

frm GENJI TAKIYA yang gangster lg ganas!! Yeahhh!!

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Crows Zero 3 : Back To School

from takashi miike's blog :-

hey guys..ahh,wut a relieve today..I just spoke to the producer about my new script regarding Crows Zero 3...and he said yes!!!!!I'm so happy to be back with the crews..The filming will start next week!!!!!

for all of you that are wondering what the plot will be...don't worry,we still have the badass Takiya and Serizawa and the other crows..(Oguri-san called me the other day and said that how thankful he is that he can be the one playing Takiya since he is known by that name in the streets right now..He said that the name made him a famous brat in Shinjuku as well(noted to gaijin(foreigners) who read this blog that you must be nice when you are at Shinjuku because the yakuza guide the place)..When I told him bout this sequel..he screamed like a girl!!!(gomenasai,Ogu-san).The vendetta of Suzuran High and Housen Academy will be taken to the next level in this movie..Remember,nobody touches Bitou Tatsuya yet!!!!

so,basically,the movie is like this..I'm giving out this teaser for you guys to keep your adrenaline pumping..we need some hype in promoting movies,right?Actually,I'm telling the whole story!!!this post will be deleted tonight which is 5 hours from now.So,people who read this must be one lucky brat!!!!

Genji Takiya,who now works for his father in the Ryuseikai family gets a message that a Suzuran High Reunion will be held with the 11 Deadly Crows of Suzuran as special guests..It turns out that Serizawa and Genji's father also got the message..It is then made clear that the 11 Deadly Crows are 11 people who almost lorded Suzuran before the day of their graduation(including Genji,Genji's father,Kawanishi and Serizawa)..I call it almost because a crow is defeated by the next crow in the line...High school grudges are brought to the reunion as yakuza families vendetta when all the earlier generation seniors still hold the vengeance towards acts that prevented them from conquering Suzuran(some became friends at Suzuran but turned enemy when joined yakuza..example being Yasuda and Souseki and some still hold grudges from high school examples being Hideo and Naraki,Kamitani and Takada,Kawanishi and Shibuya and also Hideo and Kawanishi also Kawanishi and Naraki after the event of 2nd film.).you should wait at the scene where all the Crows take a brief walk at Suzuran,walking down memory lane especially at the rooftop..You will all know that all the ugly handwriting graffiti at the rooftop aren't just meaningless words..Suzuran history are told by each Crow who wrote their legacy on the wall..Maki would be asked by his boss to hit Genji after Genji interfered in the bad blood between Kamitani and Takada.there will be a little father and son talk too between those two Crows.)...It also turns out that Genji's GPS army and Tokaji from Serizawa army worked for the Crows who turned yakuza,(All of u must not be fooled with Izaki's good boy face when u see the badass looking humungous dragon tattoo on his right hand as he is now one of the top bodyguards of the 5th Generation Crow - Mizuno Naraki(the same man from CZ2 and CZ1 which turned out to be Hideo Takiya's main reason of his failure of conquering Suzuran after Naraki who used to be his best friend betrayed him and left Hideo's friend,Kotou to die in the Suzuran War of their era)..With that revelation,I'm sure you can predict that there will be something going on with Genji and Izaki in this movie(including Naraki's order for Izaki to wipe Genji's a** off!!! and something Genji called "you betrayed us like your boss did to my father")..Tokio made an embarassing yet ambitious revelation that he is out of the fist-fighting as he is studying medical in order to cure his head for life.This movie is more serious as they are not schoolkids anymore..Makise(you will either say ridiculous or cool bout his mohawk in this movie..Just when u thought Maki can't grow any hair) becomes the bodyguard and manager of the 7th Generation Crow - Gaki Kamitani's prostitution house...Who said Maki can't handle girls..Mikami Brothers have became modern days outlaws as robbers.Serizawa is still not associated with any yakuza although he made a revelation that most of the Crows had invited him to join their family but he made it clear that he is not meant to work under people..

Then,the reason for the reunion was disclosed when Washio Gota asked all 11 Crows to go into the meeting room.Everybody bows when the 1st Gen. Crow - the now head of a big yakuza family Makoto Goki steps into the meeting room except for of course,those two...Genji(who then received a punch from his father) and Serizawa.They were later apologized by Goki-san(Goki,"new generations forget the culture easily").It was then revealed that the meeting was called by the Ebizuka Junior Trio(who are now the 2nd year) who found out bout the crows from the school's enrollment file..The leader of the trio,Kirishima introduced the 11 Crows to each other as the earlier generations (the original 5 Crows) are not aware with the other late generation Crows...

1st Gen - Makoto Goki
2nd Gen - Haruma Yasuda
3rd Gen - Hanawa Souseki
4th Gen - Hideo Takiya
5th Gen - Mizuno Naraki
6th Gen - Shin Takada
7th Gen - Gaki Kamitani
8th Gen - Jiinto Shibuya
9th Gen - Kawanishi Noburu
10th Gen - Tamao Serizawa
11th Gen - Genji Takiya

Kirishima then began his talk with plasters,patches,and bruises all over him saying that those came from the newly-reformed Housen Academy..Instead of just Bitou Tatsuya,Housen now consisted of the 7 Bitous which 3 of them are Tatsuya's cousin(Bitou Hondou,Bitou Takahara,the sons of notorious Bitou Honma which have a grudge with Suzuran at the era of Makoto Goki,Tatsuya's uncle..Shun Komatsuda,Ako Masuo,Kazama Hanata..the 7 Bitous are led by the young master,Bitou Kaiba.The Crows then tell the Ebizuka Juniors about the thing they called Suzuran-Housen Annual War which will happen each year with the then-Crow will become the leader.Suzuran never lost any war to Housen.Everything started when Bitou Honma enrolled to Suzuran as a freshman and became Goki's man.Considering that he won't get Suzuran there,he joined Housen and gather the army there.That's the 1st Suzuran-Housen War.)...It is also stated that Honma has blackmailed the school authority to let some of his young guns from his yakuza family(whom are actually slightly older for high school..everybody who has hair from the yakuza will be turned bald!!!!) to enroll into Housen in order to destroy Suzuran..With the absence of GPS and Serizawa Faction,Suzuran became the weakest ever in their history.The 7 Bitous and the yakuza disguised in Housen uniform had attacked Suzuran at least thrice that month(the first attack being on the now-senior,The Front Of Armaments)..Kirishima couldn't do anything except asking the favour of army from the seniors or Suzuran would be turned into the student's slaughter house.Only Genji,Serizawa(at one part expressing how he is deeply in love with Suzuran High.At first,it was all because of the king-of-the-school thing.But then,Serizawa really will do anything to protect the school.He has waited for this reunion by stating that it's quite lonely without the people),Mikami Brothers,and Kawanishi(making things right for the mess he had done) agreed to be back at Suzuran but not other seniors since they said that they have their yakuza business to take care of instead of wasting their time in some high school brawling..Some early generations also suggested that in Suzuran,eveybody will have their war and it is not good for other people to interfere the war,the seniors' war are over..the young apprentice must now responsible for everything that happens in Suzuran.

Because of they are associated with the seniors now,Genji and Serizawa's friends turned their back on their former high school leaders and followed the decision of not-sending-any-men made by their bosses now although they really wanted to participate..(Makise,"I don't like fighting with guns.I love using fists,so that I can feel the jaw that I've wrecked),you will see a heroic but stupid or the most stupid act ever made by Washio when he killed the respected 1st Gen Crow - Makoto Goki and blamed it on Bitou Honma..Instead of going an all out gang war,Washio suggested that the schools' vendetta should be settled by a high school brawl like the old days as yakuza gang wars will attract cops..Because of that,each Crow pay full respect to the only Crow who is respected and considered untouchable by the other Crows and forget their old problems by sending their army to enroll at Suzuran including Maki,Izaki,and Tokaji(the scene where each GPS member comes with their yakuza friends are so cool!!!In order to show their devotion to Suzuran,everybody reads the Suzuran oath..which Genji isn't aware of..then,they looked up at sea a flock of crows flying together in pattern.They were all hyped up!!!) and also a new guy named Yusuke,Makoto Goki's youngest son and the only son alive as his brothers die in wars and Honma prevented him from joining the yakuza because he is afraid to lose all his sons.Yusuke is actually a tough fighter who joined Suzuran only to find his father's killer...with the Crows' yakuza members dressed in the Suzuran uniform(the yakuza wear uniform with different badges to differentiate their should see Izaki's sleeveless uniform that exposed Izaki's large dragon tattoo.The senior Crows also give up a certain target for the GPS and Serizawa Faction to eliminate to finish the bad blood between the senior and one of the 7 Bitous.(Maki vs Masuo,Izaki vs Komatsuda,Tokaji vs Hanata)We will also see Kirishima's first major fight as he takes on Bitou Tatsuya..(The battle of the freshmen.)Yusuke will face the youngest son Bitou Hondou who is his age,Serizawa will take the second in command Bitou Takahara while Genji meets his greatest challenge yet in Bitou Kaiba..this is where the gangsters...go back to school!!!!! (Hanawa,"like the old days,pal" the Crows will be at the venue of the final battle but they just stand by their they say,their days are over..)

P/S : I'm really sorry for what will happen to Washio at the end of this movie..I know it's not noble for me to make you guys laugh at him at the first movie,hate him at 2nd movie,but love him at the 3rd movie which will lead to you guys cry over him.Sorry too for what will happen for least he got his redemption..Gomen ne!!!!!!

updated : The producer doesn't like what I am going to do with Washio at the end of the film..So,before the world shares their opinion with the producer,we are doing changes to Washio's fate..that leads us to a grateful feeling that Tokio chooses to continue study... :)

I really hope nobody reads this..if there is a person who reads this,I hope he loves the thrill and not reading it till the end..and if there is someone who reads it till the end,I hope he doesn't tell anybody..Let's hope for the best in the shooting next week..Ganbatte!!!!!!!

Gile aaa!!!!aku td search crows zero 3 smpai page 26..pstu aku trnampak blog ni kat link nombo 2 yg google bg..dpt lak blog ms aa link die -
klu ade..ade aa...klu die da delete...rugi aa korg!!!hahaha...untung gile aku!!!!xsbr dowh nk tggu!!!!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Cara pnggunaan bhasa melayu yg kurafat..

Balik skola, bli nasi ayam kdai umi, blik umah, mkan nasik ayam, nek atas tido, mandi, lpas tu g on9 kjap tgk bbudak kecoh kt ms. ttibe jek dlam bhagian stream ms aku, ade sorng bdak pmpuan ni kecoh gile psal gado ngn kawan die sbab brand baju. mmang bodoh aa sbabnye tpi care pnulisan die kurafat gile. ssape yg boley tlg, sile translatekn ayat ni n post dbhagian kumen.... thnx.. nu gado facal PDI xpyah aa weyx . akay wet MAK BAPAK n KASEH SYGG aek x PAYAHH okee . aq twciK g , bUy tndwe okee set ROXY ,NIKE , PDI GAP , FOS , ZAZA
komen trhadap bdak yg mnulis status tu..

..dw dax eyx , bjet2 PDi s a j eaa sound AKX BBY

aku xmo tau pown ape yg bdak2 ni kecoh2kn..tpi bia aa aku tau, boley aku bezakan bhase kurafat die dngan bhase mlayu yg asli.. thnx...