Thursday, November 25, 2010

24 things the movie Scarface has taught me

this movie teaches me to live.....apart from all those effing of course...

1)Always tell the truth,even when you lie
2)Never get high on your own supply
3)Woman better be outside working rather than sitting at home waiting to get effed!
4)First,you got to have the money..then,you'll have the power..After that,you can get the girls
5)Miami is a paradise.It's like a big pussy waiting to get effed!
6)Never kill children and women.....NEVER!!!those who kill children and women are effing worms!!
7)When someone threatens you,tell him "why don't you try sticking your head up your ass..see if it fits!"
8)Taking a girl to the toilet to make out is NOT how a man should treat a lady...ESPECIALLY when that lady is Tony Montana's sister.
9)If you eff with Tony Montana,you are effing with the best
10)If you think you are hot like Manny Ribera...and then you woo on a girl wearing bikini...and she gives u a slap....she gotta be an effing lesbian
11)Don't "baby,baby" Elvira Hancock...she's NOT your baby!
12)Druglords like Frank Lopez DON'T effing dance!having a heart attack is much2 better
13)The only thing in this world that gives orders... are effing balls.
14)when you have nothing better to say..just say "f**k you!"
15)Don't underestimate the other guy's greed!
16)Elvira Hancock is not going to kiss you even if you wear the hat..
17)Do your job well...or your boss is gonna stick your heads up your asses faster than a rabbit gets fucked.
18)The only one you can trust in this effing yourself!
19)For girls,NEVER look depressed like you haven't been fucked in a year!
20)Chazzer is a Yiddish word for 'pig'
21)First...let them show the stuff....then you'll show the money
22)When a man keeps a secret that you want to know...chop his friend down with a chainsaw...
23)Your Dear Little Friend is your machine gun....let your enemies say hello to your little friend.                                                                                                                         24)WHEN YOU HAVE THE MONEY......AND YOU'VE EARNED POWER THUS EARNING RESPECT.....THE WORLD IS YOURS,CHICO!!!