Monday, November 15, 2010

Hector (inspired by Troy)

tontonlah Troy

Aren't you 'the' Hector
Aren't you the prince who holds Troy on his spear
Aren't you the one who defends Troy with his little shield?
Then we haven't been introduced yet
You might know me from somewhere
You might even have dreamt of killing me someday
You might even though that you have killed me that day
Put your gear on..Sharpen your spear
Nice to kill you
My name is Achilles

Is the entire Troy watching?
So let's put on a good show
Show me some shiny skills from the disciple of Apollo
Aren't you on the home ground?
Didn't you defeat me before?
Oh I forgot
That was my cousin
That nobody should mess with

Your father is a king
Your brother is a prince
Your wife is a princess
And your sister in-law is the most beautiful girl of Sparta
You have everything
Except for my blood
On top of your spear

I promise you
You'll get your cremation
You'll take the boat to River Styx
You'll row through the damnation with millions of rebellious souls trying to take on the new freshman
But believe me,just tell Hades how you got there
Tell him I sent you there
Tell him Achilles sent you there
Then nobody will splash fire on your face
Do me a favour while you are down there in the world of obliviousness
Find my cousin and tell him
"You look like Achilles...and you fight like one"