Friday, January 22, 2010

Allah Bless.

When was the last time u guys had really much fun and excitement and craziness with ur friends?
When was the last time u guys know that Allah just blessed u guys?

Friday, 22nd of january 2010.

After solat jumaat, i just want to crash down on my bed and take a nap for a while. Eventhough i was so tired, but i just cant close my eyes bcoz of the excitement and the passion for me to play football in the evening with my friends. So i just wait until 5.30 while enjoying DAIM chocolates and a bar of cadburry chocolate. Dude.. i ate too much chocolate that my tounge can no longer sense anything but sweet taste but i'm still not gonna gain any weight(lol).
All the chocolates just make me became crazy and hyperactive, moreover, i'm now even more excited to play football and the adrenalin just keep pumping. dude, when i turn on the TV and the channel was TV3. It was Al-Kuliyyah session(siaran lansung), the ceramah from the Al-kuliyyah makes me calm down and sit back like a good kid waiting for a treat.
Finally! it was 5.20. i ran up to my room and perform my solat asar. I took a quick view of the weather from my room and... it was bright! Alhamdulillah for the nice weather.. without wasting anytime(maybe a few sec) i rush to get my boots and ride my old rusty 6years old bicycle to the football field that i used to play sinced i was 6 years old. That field had given me so much experiences in painfull and glorious memories of playing football sinced i cant reach the goal post until i'm able to reach and kick it. To see the field had changed so much from greeny field to botak sandy field, but the condition of the field still doesn't effect my passion to play football. ok, enough story of the field..
As i reached the field, i can see all my friends were in good mood and ready to go into the pitch. Ahh.. it is so wonderful.. Suddenly, the unexpected happen(OMG). The weather had changed from bright sun shiny day(lagu tadika) to cloudy and soon-to-be rain weather. The wind blew about 10km/h and masyaAllah.. the weather was changing so quickly to a bad soon-to-be-rain weather just like my heart.. i began to lose my spirit and excitement to play that day eventhough i love rain very much.. but.. the lighthing gave me goosebumps. The hope..the passion.. had been blew away by the wind-soon-to-be-storm.
I was about to packed my stuff to go back home, but one of my friends came to me and persuaded me to play even the weather is bad. After a quick think, i decided that i will and i can play football eventhough with that kind of weather. All the rain remind me that raining is one of Allah biggest bless.. so.. my mood, my passion!, my excitement!!, my adrenalin!!! came back as i wore my black coloured AdiNova boots(impossible is nothing). DUDE! i felt like i just killed the zionists and the jews!!
WOOO!!! and the match started. i cant expressed my feeling back football will somehow let the caged bird fly out.. The match had become so hot and tough for us, this is becouse it is started to rain and the wind blew up even faster. Then, the lighthing strikes! as expected.. storm. the rain.. and the wind was like sending us a message to go home. No we wont! we wont go home. I'm so touched and happy bcoz most of my friends still have the spirit to go on with the match. DAMN! we are so intensed to play footbal! from tiny drops of rain to raining cats and dogs. but yet, we still play football like a fighting scene in Crow Zero GPS vs Serizawa Faction.
This is the best part, we started to play like crazy footballers! fiedzril was the one who started to open his shirt.. well.. u know what happen next right? most of us opened out it was like a half-naked-wild-football-party in the evening (^_^) . our boots and our whole body and attire are 101% wet! kinda hard to move with wet attire.. eventhought i was kinda crazy that time, but i manage to score a goal! :D wuuuhuu! which had satisfied my desire! Then, something really maniac coming through my head. i remembered the scene when GPS vs Serizawa Faction.. all the kyoko-rin, genji!!, serizawa!!, fly!! just flashed through my head.. the CZ adrenalin pump into my body.. i can feel it flow through my vein~ as soon that things happened, i scream SERIZAWA!! RRRRRAAAA!!! (crow zero style) in the middle of the field.. dude! i just triggered the CZ craziness! all of the sudden, all my friends become suzuran students as we screamed RRRRRRAAAA!! and talk in japanese like we really knew it before(LOL). MAN! i started to run genji-style and play football like genji fighthing-style(LOL again).
When i got the ball at my feet, my friends shouted SERIZAWAA!!! at me.. huhu!! i felt like i'm in the real CZ fights! moreover! rain and the lighthing keep shaking the ground! RRAAAA!!! for the first time in my life.. i felt so alive.. so.. soo high. something i counld't describe. it was something good. Well, most of the time we were shouting CZ style at each others, we did something back there. some good memories of CZ to keep. :) "I HAD PLAYED MY FAVOURITE SPORT IN THE BEST SITUATION EVER"
As we all human know, everything must come to an end. finally, it was time to go home before maghrib. Before i went back home, i sat at a bench in the rain alone and think. At first, i was thinking about the weather that Allah gave to us. Eventhough at first i was pretty upset about the weather changing, but the most important thing is: We must be patience, grateful and accept all Allah fate. I'm so grateful that i accept Allah fate that evening and played football eventhough it was raining. Allah had bless(rain) that very evening and that bless had given me one of the best things that happened in my life! ALHAMDULILLAH! thank you Allah.. (^_^)
p/s: sorry for my bad english. just want to test my grammar. pls correct my error! thx for reading! ^_^ RRRRAAAA!!


yanamia said...

pergh hzq speaking hebat gak haaha

aza izaki said...

stakat ni post ni yg ter-cz skali aa..haha..

aza mikitty said...

smlm kaw ala2 genji en men bola..arini ala2 washio je kaw kne ngan ckgu sivik..hallamak..hahaha

wanda said...

never jam in the sme je la never genjekk in the rain.. hha